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B Block GTB Nagar Kareli,
Prayagraj Uttar Pradesh 211016

Flood Relief

Due to the increase in the water levels of rivers in Prayagraj, Floodwaters have entered into several localities such as Ganga Nagar, Nevada, Ashok Nagar, Beli Gaon, parts of Rajapur, Salori, Bada and Chota Baghara, Badra, Sanauti, Kareli, Daraganj and Nagvasuki With the continuous rise in water level in Prayagraj district Uttar Pradesh.

Every flood leaves the region helpless, impacting the property and lives of people. It is imperative for us to reach out to the victims. Food, relief materials, temporary shelter, and trauma-relief workshops are the essential immediate needs for the victims. Our volunteers are at the forefront in delivering the relief materials. From facing the odds of having no transport at all to making their way to boats, from continuous efforts to pack materials spanning over days and nights to wading through deep waters to reach interiors, the relief team in a flood-affected area is on its toes. 

RAH Foundation has reached out to several thousands in the past. Our team of committed volunteers have provided timely relief materials to victims in flood affected area in Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh.

The water levels of the Ganga and Yamuna are fast approaching the danger mark (84.73 meters) and the flood situation is getting grim in the low-lying urban/semi-urban areas. People are moving away to safer places on the first/second floor or roof and they are locked in their households. They need necessities like ration, water, medicines etc. electricity is also cut down in that area for safety purpose some of them have moved to the safe places if they have their known/relatives etc. During this challenging time. 5000+ Raw ration kits, prepared meal, breakfast snacks & Medicine distributed to the needy in flood affected area in Aug 2021.

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