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B Block GTB Nagar Kareli,
Prayagraj Uttar Pradesh 211016


Figures around coronavirus in India are rising and so are anxiety, stress and the extreme fear of catching the novel virus which has killed more than 50,000 people in the world. While the most susceptible to contract the virus are those who came in contact with covid positive patients, a mass transmission already seems to have begun and India is looking at a shortage of healthcare professionals, equipment and quarantine centers.

As there is a shortage of beds, oxygens, Doctors etc RAH Foundation team is trying to help the needy in all possible ways they can, RAH Foundation is trying to help the needy in the most challenging time in the very first stage and guiding them for self-quarantine methodology. Through this strategy, we are able to treat poor patients at the very initial period.

During most of the challenging time we are collectively facing in India, where COVID people are losing their lives due to lack of medical facilities and proper guidance. RAH Foundation has conducted free health and consultation camp at Atala, Prayagraj Uttar Pradesh more than 5000 patients benefitted from free health and consultation camp. Patients from different location like- Atala, Hasan Manzil, Roshan Bagh, Subzi Mandi, Qaziganj, Kareli, Attarsuiya, Samdabad, Meerapur etc reached out to camp.

Distributing masks to the poor needy for their safety and guiding them to take necessary precautions during this most challenging time. Till now RAH Foundation has distributed more than 1000 masks to the needy.

During COVID-19 Pandemic RAH Foundation distributing Pulse oximeter on doctor’s recommendation and guiding the needy of its use to check their oxygen level on regular basis to track their oxygen level so that they can get medical treatment immediately within the time limit. RAH Foundation has distributed 50 Pulse oximeter to the needy under the doctor's recommendation.

Distributing hand sanitizer to the poor needy so that they can sanitize themself on a regular basis it would help them to be safe and in reducing covid cases. Distributed 100 bottles of hand sanitizers to the needy.

Providing free medicines and proper consultation by Doctor so that they can get necessary medical treatment immediately. Conducting 2 hours daily Free medical consultation camp for the needy poor, where the poor patients can come and have medical treatment and guidance.

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